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Links to Other Articles (Humor at the bottom):

Red Cross Y2K Checklist -good overview!

ZDNet- Y2K Countdown: Will You Be in the Dark on Jan. 1, 2000?

Free Utility to Test Your PC- YMARK2000 NSTL's Year 2000 System Compliance Testing Tool by CMP National Testing Labs

Norton 2000 to test your Hardware- works only on Win 95 and Win 98

Microsoft Year 2000 Issue

Microsoft FREE Product Anlayzer Tool- will scan Microsoft Products on your PC and tell you which are compliant or not and where to get updates for Year 2000 Issue

Robert Hillard's Test Your PC for Y2 -directions and check your Bios

Y2K Consumers Compliance Database - Home Electronics, Autos, etc. etc.

US Governmental Year 2000 Compliance Page

Y2 News Magazine -good articles

Techwire Technet Year 2000 (CMPnet)- lists current computer articles

Ziff Davis Year 2000 Pages (PC Magazine, Yahoo Life, etc.)

Edward Yardeni- One of the Y2 Soothsaysers

Y2K Lawsuits-Current List

INFOSECURITY NEWS article: Project of the century-Year 2000 Project managment

INFOSECURITY NEWS sidebar: Year 2000 Guideline

INFOSECURITY NEWS sidebar: Liability Issues In Year 2000 Compliance

HP Year 2000 pages- Yes the deskjets are compliant!

Securities and Exchange Commission- Year 2000 requirements-New Aug.98

Testing Year 2000 Conversions by DBMSOnline magazine

Insurance companies likely to shun millennium bug claims

AICPA Year 2000 Issues (Accounting information)

Washington State- Model Year 2000 Contract Language

ITAA- Year 2000 Buyers Guide

Will your PC make it past the year 2000? Here’s how to test your PC, and what to do if it fails the test! - article from Hal-PC

Information Technology Association of America Year 2000 web page

The Year 2000 Information Center / Millennium Bug- site

U.S. Agencies In Trouble On Year 2000 Glitch

Information Week-Millennium Approaches -- Testing for 2000 -- Testing code will be the biggest-and the most expensive-part of the year 2000 compliance job. Here's how to be prepared when the testing crunch hits.


Duh-2000 - Monthly Contest for the Stupidest Sayings about the Year 2000

Y2K Cartoons by Randy Glasbergen

Send a Y2K E-mail Postcard!-doesn't quite send yet though

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